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[New Apk] GravityBox [KK] v3.5.10 Unlocked

Install the [New Apk] GravityBox [KK] v3.5.10 Unlocked – tutorial The Android Market apk file need to be installed manually, for that you don’t need to root your device, the installation process is easy and required only to download the Market APK file, then this downloaded file need to be transferred on your Android’s SD card, and after that you need to use a file manager for install the apk file on your device. In the forward lines, I will explain you a step by step guide. First Download [New Apk] GravityBox [KK] v3.5.10 Unlocked Apk file and save it in your PC. - Then copy and paste (transfer) the [New Apk] GravityBox [KK] v3.5.10 Unlocked APK downloaded file on your Android’s SD card device. - On your Smartphone open the file manager and find the APK file copied above. (A good file manager is ASTRO File Manager and you can download it from Google Play Store from here. - Now, enable “Unknown sources” from the menu under settings » Applications. - With the file manager application find the “apk” transferred file on the device’s SD card. - Now, tap on the [New Apk] GravityBox [KK] v3.5.10 Unlocked torrent modded APK file to install it. - Congratulation, now you successfully installed the Market APK v 3.4.4 on your Android device. GravityBox [KK] v3.5.10 Unlocked

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Overview about GravityBox [KK] v3.5.10 Unlocked

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: GravityBox - a complex Xposed module targeted for devices running Android 4.4, which turns vanilla ROM into feature-packed "non-flashing" custom ROM.

Originally, this module was designed for MTK6589 devices which lack custom ROMs built from source due to MediaTek closed-source policy.

Later on, it was adjusted to support other (non-MTK) devices running vanilla or close-to-vanilla AOSP ROMs.


The app utilizes amazing Xposed framework coded by recognized

developer rovo89 which, briefly, provides interface for injecting code into any app, including system services allowing modifications of applications and system services at run-time. One of the biggest advantages of GravityBox is that it is not bound to any specific device. Actually, it should run on any device having vanilla Android 4.4 (ROM close enough to AOSP).

This project wouldn't be possible without rovo's Xposed framework, so huge kudos to him.

Feature highlight

--- CyanogenMod Pie controls

--- Expanded Desktop

--- Statusbar QuickSettings tile management with tile reordering

--- Lockscreen targets

--- Statusbar icon coloring

--- Statusbar Brightness Control

--- Additional QuickSettings tiles:

------- Sync on/off, WiFi AP on/off, GravityBox shortcut, Torch, Network mode (2G/3G/2G+3G switch), Sleep, QuickRecord,

QuickApp, GPS on/off, Ringer mode, Volume tile, Camera tile, ...

--- Quick pulldown - switches to QuickSettings when status bar is pulled down near edges

--- Auto-switch to QuickSettings when there are no notifications

--- Center clock in statusbar

--- Battery indicator style

--- Navigation bar tweaks including cursor control keys

--- Navigation bar ring targets

--- Low battery warning policy

--- Disable LED flashing when battery low

--- Disable LED while charging

--- Advanced power-off menu (reboot, recovery)

--- Volume key cursor control

--- Skip tracks by volume key long-press while screen off (thanks to rovo89)

--- More volume levels for music stream

--- Option to control safe headset media volume

--- Button for clearing all recent tasks at once

--- CRT screen off animation

--- Minimal brightness setting

--- Autobrihtness levels adjustment

--- Lockscreen tweaks - show GravityBox [KK] v3.5.10 Unlocked maximized, lockscreen background style (color fill, custom image)

--- Lockscreen rotation

--- Hardware key actions - menu long-press/double-tap, back long-press, home long-press

--- Dithered Holo background

--- Option to use solid black Holo background

--- Expandable volume panel

--- Option to unlink ringtone and notifications volumes

--- Notification drawer style (background color, image for portait/landscape, transparency)

--- Button backlight modes (default, disabled, always on while screen is on)

--- Dialer (Phone) tweaks

--- Launcher tweaks

--- Screen recording

--- GravityBox Actions - interface for 3rd party apps

--- Smart Radio

--- Notification control (per-app notification LED/sounds/vibrations)

--- Ascending ring tone

... more to come


- Ultimate notification control:

--- added option for disabling sound to vibration conversion (4.2+)

--- QuietHours: added option for disabling haptic feedback

- Muted MTK status bar plugin related errors flooding xposed log on some MTK devices

- Updated Russian translations (thanks to gaich)

Paid features are unlocked!!

This app has NO advertisements

More Info GravityBox [KK] v3.5.10 Unlocked

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